Our Wonderful Team

Alexandra Till

Head Instructor & Trainer

I've been working with horses for most of my life. Even as a child my focus has always been manners. Training horses is my dream and my absolute passion!

I have both practical as well as formal education in horse riding, care, management and handling. To start out with I joined US Pony Club and then my thirst for further horse knowledge lead me to Colorado State University for an Equine Science Major.


Assistant Instructor "A"

She is a 2009 APHA registered paint mare that I have owned since she was 3 years old. She stands at 15hh. She absolutely adores working with kids and adults of any age. She's happy to just be mellow but is capable of a lot more.


She loves dressage and jumping for the more advanced riders. She also loves working with younger or less advanced riders on being pampered, ground work and the basics.


Assistant Instructor "B"

She is a 1990s, silver dapple, pony mare who stands at 11.3hh.

She has plenty of pep left in her step so don't let her age fool you. She is smart and patient but, true to typical pony form, can be strong willed.

She loves taking care of little kids and teaching them how to ride, be assertive about what they want and be good horsemen/women, and she equally enjoys jumping with a more experienced rider.


Assistant Instructor "C"

She is a 2006, dark bay, welch cross, pony mare who stands at 12.3hh.

She is a bit forward and strong willed, but a great teacher.

She rides like a normal horse in a smaller body.