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Equine Massage

This kind of body work has been found to have a plethora of musculoskeletal, circulatory, gastrointestinal, immune as well as psychological benefits.


  • Muscle tightness & tension

  • Pain & Soreness

  • Swelling


  • Flexibility & range of motion

  • Balance & performance

  • Circulation

Also aids with

  • Stress, Anxiety & Relaxation

  • Immune Supprot

  • Hair Coat & Gut Motility

Shiatzu Massage

Manual massage that follows the meridian lines from head to the tip of tail to cornet band using a variety of manipulation techniques.


Takes about 1.5 hrs

Niagara Equissage System

Complete equine physiotherapy system that utilizes gentle three dimensional vibration called CVT (cycloid vibration therapy) in order to stimulate the horses entire body.

The System - Sends vibrations throughout the body with a wide variety of settings

Back pad - sits on the horses back

Hand held units - Can be held anywhere on the body (including the poll and hooves)

Leg Boots - Uses a "boot" that holds the hand held unit on the lower leg

Takes about 1hr

Combination of Both

I recommend  combining the Shiatsu Massage with the Niagara Equissage System for optimal results

Starting at $200
Takes about 2 hrs+

I offer packages as well as singular services

Sessions are about 90 minutes in length depending on the service and if there are particular areas that require greater focus.

For more information on this system check out and

I make no warranties, guarantees or promises

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