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Equine Massage

Massage serves to release tightness and tension within muscles thereby allowing the horse greater freedom in movement, assist in ridding muscle soreness, promote healing and improve performance.
The amazing this about both meathods, especially by combining them, the body and the muscles use this increased stimulation and circulation to continue healing for some time after the massage is over.

Equine Shiatsu Massage

This manual hand massage works on the major muscle groups and it follows and stimulates the meridian lines in order to assist other body functions.

Niagara Equissage System

A complete equine physiotherapy system (Vibrating Machine) that maintains your horse’s health with gentle, effective, three-way Cycloid Vibration Therapy.

The System - Sends vibrations throughout the body with a wide variety of settings

Back pad - sits on the horses back

Hand held units - Can be held anywhere on the body (including the poll and hooves)

Leg Boots - Uses a "boot" that holds the hand held unit for the lower leg

Sessions are about 90 minutes in length though may be longer if there are particular areas that require greater focus.

For more information on this system check out and

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