For Sale or Trade!

Owner: Me

Price$5k (may consider reasonable offers)
Trade: I may also consider a full or partial trade for an older, smooth, sound, quiet, good-for-beginners horse. Preferences: 10-15 years of age, 15-16hh, stocky, QH or draft/draft cross type, gelding .... if you think you may have a horse that could work, even if it doesn't match the preferences, lets talk!!!!!!!!

Jan-2018 Colorado Ranger Gelding

He currently stands at 13.1hh

I absolutely LOVE this little guy!

Super Smart,

Super Willing,

Tons of try,

Great Disposition,

Easy to work with,

Very curious,

Gorgeous movement,

Can go any direction!

My best guess is that he’ll stay under 14.2hh

I think he’d make a very nice hunter/jumper/eventing pony or maybe a reiner or some sort of cow horse

Leads, Ties, Lunges

Loads, Bathes, ponies,

Longlines, Ground drives,

Jumps & seen cows,

Works in a saddle & Bridle,

I can stand in the stirrups,

I can lay on his back,

I have NOT ridden him,

Come out and see his potential for yourself!


** When I started working with him in September 2019 he was an unhandled STUD with trust issues, that spent an unknown (to me) amount of time "abandoned" in a stall alone as the previous people were clueless. It was slow going and took a lot of time to gain his trust. It took 3 months to be able to get the halter on, but once it was on he was easy to work with. (Actually, he was always easy to work with, he was just mortified or any kind of rope and halter)

He can be slow to trust new people and can get a little defensive. He needs a slow approach by new people that shows him that they're listening rather than what I call a mission based approach.

Since he can be slow to trust others, potential buyers will need to come and spend time with him before I will allow him to leave. To the best of my knowledge I'm already owner number 4 so I WILL be careful whom he goes to. I have no issues hanging on to him as long as I need to he'll only get better with age!

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