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Things to keep in mind

You get what you pay for - You may get a claimed similar service from the girl/guy down the road for WAY less than I charge, but are you really getting the results you want? I frequently hear of people saying they sent their horse to trainer A but then the horse had some of the old problems but also new problems, so then they sent the horse to trainer B but the same happened there - and so on and so on ... I may charge more, but I will commit as much time as needed to improve/fix the problem areas with lasting results achieved through respect and trust.

I'm no miracle worker (no trainer is) - Some things just depend on the horse and take time. Not everything is fixable in a Boot-Camp program, or some other 30, 60 or 90-day program - some things just take time. Horses are also different: he same thing may take horse A a month to figure out and horse B may need 3 months. That doesn't make me a bad trainer or the horse a bad horse, it's just all a matter of how their brain works and how deeply ingrained or habitualized the behavior is.

Some problems can't be fixed - True, though I do feel that most problems can be vastly improved with regular and consistent work, and given long enough possibly even fixed.

Who is really working with your horse? - When you send your horse to me it will ALWAYS be me.

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