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Specialized Horse Training

I strive to create a well behaved equine partner. I believe that the basics are ALWAYS important no matter the age, training level or discipline.

My prime focus is ground work!

I handle anything from the early education of a foal or youngster, to dealing with behavioral issues (on the ground only) in adult horses as well as reinforcing basic manners and ground work for horses of any age and skill level. I don't do 1st rides and I don't ride horses with known behavioral issues.

Starting at $200
For about 2 hrs

Price & Duration Varies

Basics, Manners, Trust, Respect

Early Handling, Gentling, Halter Breaking

Trailer Training, Fear Management, Pre/post purchase horse assessment

Problem Solving, Horse Help

Reconditioning, Exercise Riding, Lunging & Round pen work

I can come to you or you can board your horse at the boarding facility that I am based out of.

Check out North County Equestrian Center for more information.

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